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The Healing Power

Client: Parkview Hospital

Location: Fort Wayne, IN, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $150,000

Project Team


Corey Kapellas

Corey Kapellas

Art Consultant

Hannah Lee

Skyline Art Services


“The Healing Power” is comprised of two suspended sculptures. Each sculpture is 30′ high and 10′ wide. The material is powder coated aluminum.


The two sculptures are inspired by the artist's own healing visualizations that he does in his ongoing struggle with a life threatening disease. He hopes that his images of healing silver rain and energy spiraling down into his body from above will help others who are also dealing with life threatening health issues.

The two suspended sculptures that make up
The Healing Power” are a gold and silver spiral and an oval shaped “silver rain” with an inner golden spiral made of similar spindle shapes. When the artist was creating this sculpture he imagined that the spiral, which narrows as it approaches the floor, is collecting healing energy and concentrating it down to earth. He originally had the idea to place a circle on the floor directly below the center of the spiral for people to stand in and visualize the healing energy entering their bodies.

The silver rain sculpture comes directly from a visualization that the artist uses in which he imagines a cleansing silver rain which penetrates his body and washes away any toxic cells that may have taken up residence there. The inner golden spiral in the sculpture helps to strengthen the healing power of the silver rain.