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The Glass Bead Game, Seuzach, Switzerland

Submitted by Aleksandar M. Lukic

Client: Restaurant "Classic"

Location: Seuzach, Switzerland

Completion date: 2010

Project Team


Aleksandar M. Lukić


Branislav Kuzmanović


The stained glass bar in the center of the restaurant was inspired by Hermann Hesse’s novel “The Glass Bead Game“. Hesse first published the novel in 1943 in Zurich. Seuzach is a small, quiet place about twenty kilometers away from Zurich, and it was perfectly suited to realize this project.


The special atmosphere of the interior and its character is created by the stained-glass window in the bar made of opal glass of a playful color with many details of filigree soldered copper wires in the way jewelry is made. Many pictures form a whole, and yet each picture makes a whole by itself.


The stained glass art project was designed and created by Aleksandar M. Lukić in his studio in Subotica, Serbia using the Tiffany stained glass technique. Stained glass windows are installed sandwiched between two panes, for easier maintenance and safety. On the back side, the stained glass window is lit by LED panels. The position for the stained glass window in the central part of the restaurant and the interior design were designed by Branislav Kuzmanović. The 3D animations were performed by the architect Branislav Kuzmanović and his team based on several conceptual solutions proposed by Aleksandar M. Lukić for stained glass windows in the bar, two mirrors, a clock and a sculpture. Based on 3D animations, the client chose conceptual solutions that were materialized in 2010.

Additional Information

The stained glass in the large bar consists of 43 panels with total dimensions of 6.6m x 0.8m. The small bar consists of 8 panels measuring 0.74m x 0.8m. Mirror “Memory of Subotica“ 0.9m x 0.7m. Mirror “Vojvodina“ 0.9m x 1.5m. Clock diameter 0.4m. Sculpture “On the wave of the wind 02“, brass, tiffany stained glass.