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The Fountain of the Wind

Client: Duluth Public Arts Commission

Location: Duluth, MN, United States

Completion date: 1994

Artwork budget: $100,000

Project Team


Douglas Freeman

Landscape Architect

Damon Farber

Damon Farber Associates

Industry Resource

Greg Stokes

Commercial Aquatic Engineering

Industry Resource

Deb Edwards

Lighting Matters


The Fountain of the Wind is a participatory fountain located in Canal Park, Duluth, Minnesota. On the shore of Lake Superior. Approximate dimensions 35’ x 35’. Materials: bronze, stone, glass, water, stainless steel, concrete, light and a touch of gold leaf.


The Fountain of the Wind was created as a part of Lake Walk, a rediscovery of the waterfront along Lake Superior in Duluth MN. The art work is central to the success of Canal Park telling stories and mythology drawn from the great lake. The Fountain of the Wind draws people who become an animated part of the work. There is much laughter, many photos and an occasional scream of delight.


The artist worked with the Landscape Architecture firm of Damon Farber Associates, fountain engineers from Commercial Aquatics, lighting designer Deb Edwards and the city planning office for the City of Duluth under Gerald Kimball. Further collaboration took place for the custom glass work with Gillinder Brothers as well as custom machining by Scott Strampe.

Additional Information

Canal Park is one of the most visited sites in Minnesota. Central to the park is The Fountain of the Wind.