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The Floating Garden

Client: Hennepin Healthcare Clinic & Specialty Center

Location: MINNEAPOLIS, MN, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $55,000

Project Team


Shawn Trentlage

Trellage-Ferrill Studio

Art Consultant

Vicki Hovde

Dorsey Hovde Art Design


Suspended Artwork,THE FLOATING GARDEN, visually stimulating, colorful art glass, representative of the organic patterns and textures within nature. The sculptures are made from Cast and Fused Art Glass and Stainless Steel. The spirit of a garden; gardens delight each day; they are life pushing for growth; dormant and living and awakening and restorative. Our desire is to make an uplifting and delightful piece that animates the lobby space/gathering space and addresses the space in a strong visual and inspiring way. The sculpture is 25' in length and 9' in width.


The sculpture conceptually embraces the spirit of the garden through the biomorphic; naturally occurring shapes and forms found within nature and the architectural lines of the building. The leaves and flowers are reflective of us, our people, each of us different within our makeup and yet the same and always connected through our stem of humanity. The sculpture is uplifting, and joyful - playful, creative and intriguing for all ages.
The colors and textures of the sculpture are bright and light, allowing the sunlight to filter through and bring the colors into the overall space.


Victoria Hovde, of Dorsey Hovde Art Design, placed a call for artists and we were fortunate to be chosen to create such an amazing piece. Dr. Rachel Trockman, the art donor, was able to work with us and visit our studio during the creative process. The many years of Dr. Trockmans dedication and her love of the Asian floating gardens filled us with inspiration.