The Cosmo Wave - CODAworx

The Cosmo Wave

Client: Cosmopolitan Hotel

Location: Las Vegas, NV, United States

Completion date: 2010

Project Team


Zammy Migdal


Cosmopolitan Hotel

Art Consultant

Eaton Fine Arts


380 elements steel with polyurethane paint, 25' long 7' high


Explore the Wave! The Wave at the Cosmopolitan represents the excitement of this playfully elegant place. The Wave is comprised of 380 unique elements; each unique and different like the stream of humanity that meets in Las Vegas to enjoy the taste of a Cosmopolitan. Like life, The Cosmo Wave, undulates to the rhythm of our breath.

A group of petals well conceived create a flower. A grouping of flowers create a bouquet. Elements built one by one to the rhythm of my breadth, my thoughts, my feelings, at one or another moment, take this or that form. Slowly the ingredients, metal and movement, pins and paint, imagination, lights and shadows, come together to create a splash of color that is bigger than the sum of its parts.

Explore the Wave! It takes different forms from close and far.

Explore the elements, each a piece of art. Like the waves in the sea and within our body, no two are ever the same.

The wave is inspired by my series Levitation that has origin in my interest in suspending objects against gravity.

Additional Information

LEVITATION The series Levitation by Zammy Migdal had its origin in Zammy’s interest in suspending objects against gravity. Levitation, from the Latin levitas or lightness, is the process by which an object is suspended against gravity. The illusion of levitation is created by the relationships among metal foregrounds, attaching pins, spaces, light and shadows. The work is inspired by the colors and experiences of traveling to places like India, Israel and Brazil as much as by the spaces for which they are commissioned.