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The Cloudveil

Submitted by TruexCullins Architecture & Interior Design

Client: Crystal Creek Capital

Location: Jackson, WY, United States

Completion date: 2021

Project Team

Interior Designer

Kim Deetjen


Interior Designer

Delaney Vartanian


Project Manager

Jeremy Jorgenson


Lighting Designer

Jarron Pew

Helius Lighting Group


Tim Dolan

Snowy Mountain Leatherworks


Pam Dolan

Snowy Mountain Leatherworks


Brandner Design

General Contractor

Dick Anderson Construction


Pete Peterson

Structural Engineer

KL&A, Inc.

Executive Architect

Peter Pillman

IBI Group

Executive Architect

Craig Rothenburger

IBI Group

Design Architect

John Carney

CLB Architects

Design Architect

Cary Lakeman

CLB Architects


Jamie Yarrow

Crystal Creek Capital


Ryan Sheets

Sheets Studios


An impressive rock face wall is featured behind the grand stair at Jackson Hole’s newest hotel, The Cloudveil. The commanding and breathtaking presence of the Teton Range inspired this three-story installation offering guests a taste of the great outdoors.

It is said that something unique happens in the Tetons, that nature changes the person as much as people shape the place. The Cloudveil welcomes guests into a textural and visual world that celebrates the rich juxtapositions that make this region unique—the grandeur of the landscape, all the extreme contrasts, and the magnificent wildlife. 

At first glance, the stair appears to float like a suspension bridge. Just beyond the suspended stair is a massive stone wall stretching 31.5’ high by 28.75’ wide at the base. Dapples of light highlight the stone, emulating sunlight in the natural environment so that as guests ascend upward, the experience is akin to climbing the face of a mountain. In contrast with the raw, rough stone is the refined softness of the leather-wrapped railing, expertly hand-stitched in skirting leather, representing the highest standard of authentic, regional craftsmanship.


The goal was to create an interior that embodies the branded theme, “Let Jackson Hole Change You.” The design approach was to artfully bring the outside in with big, bold moves that reflect this awe-inspiring region and the massive scale and ruggedness of the Tetons.

The result is an interior rooted in place, celebrating the duality of Jackson Hole, contrasting its raw beauty with its refined luxury, and evoking wonder and awe in Wyoming’s natural landscape.


The inspiration for a massive stone wall came at the beginning of the project and was quickly established as the design team’s most significant move. As the design evolved, it became the focus of an intense collaboration. The team’s vision to use large slabs of stone to replicate a natural rock face in the region presented complications as the hotel’s seismic zone carries stringent structural requirements. In addition, the underground parking garage directly beneath the hotel presented a challenge.  

With a design vision and plans in place, the team collaborated with the mason to select a local, structurally sound stone. The structural engineer required that each stone slab be no larger than 4’ by 5’, and have a rectilinear bottom edge that would enable the necessary grid installation. Early in construction, staging and a crane were set to install a three-dimensional wall formed by three rock layers, each no more than 4” thick. The directed grid installation conflicted with the vision, so a local artist was hired to apply a special treatment to the joints to erase the grid visually. The top edge of all stone layers was left raw, replicating fault lines in a mountain face.

Additional Information

Throughout The Cloudveil, regional materials in their raw form are integrated in unexpected ways and are paired with refined artistry and craftsmanship, another example being the check-in experience. When guests enter the hotel, they are greeted at a 3,000-pound boulder, set on its edge, with a hand-tooled leather blotter draped over the top like a saddle. The contrast between the raw rough stone and the refined craft of saddlery exemplifies the dualities of Jackson.   As guests wander the hallways, they discover captivating surprises. Native wildlife appears to slowly approach through floor-to-ceiling video screens at the end of each corridor. The images change throughout the day, allowing one to experience these animals up close. Wildlife and landscape video content were commissioned for this project. The footage of bison, grizzly bear, elk, moose, and wolves, as well as the migration of animals in the region, was captured by Ryan Sheets of Sheets Studios.   The custom furnishings, art, and ironwork throughout the hotel tell the multi-faceted stories and crafts of the people of Wyoming, the landscape, and the wildlife.   Video Cues> :54 for Guest Check-In | 1:52 for Featured Stair | 2:18 for Wildlife Hallway Videos