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The Chapel Prayer Room, Worcester Park Baptist Church, London

Client: Worcester Park Baptist Church, London

Location: London, United Kingdom

Completion date: 2022

Project Team


Martin Donlin

Martin Donlin Ltd


Peters Studios


3.3 metres wide X 2.4 metres high

Three Triple glazed glass units with fire-polished slumped glass on the inside surface, hand painted glass in the centre and a layer of protective safety glass to the outside.

The Chapel Prayer Room is a peaceful space for prayer, praise, reflection or quiet contemplation
The design has a raised tactile surface layer that contains the Lords Prayer, with an image of a Resurrected Benevolent Christ welcoming Souls as a means of Salvation.


First thoughts in designing an artwork for the prayer room were to create a focal piece that is welcoming and accessible, not to alienate anybody with an artwork that was too esoteric. But be abstract enough for a person to feel comfortable to project their particular thoughts and emotions onto.

The artwork would need to accommodate a person or persons in times of need, grief or worship. A contemplative space for reflection and quiet thought and also occasionally for collective vigil, praise and support.

The design process began with a series of ideas containing a figure of Jesus Christ as the embodiment of god. Thoughts of how the figure would be portrayed moved from the Crucifixion to Resurrection and a benevolent figure welcoming souls as a means of salvation.

Thoughts were drawn to a central figure, the design could very easily have been totally abstract, however I had thought that a central figure could indeed be very comforting, an idea of his presence and togetherness, a suggestion we are not alone but joined by a companion or guardian in the form of Jesus Christ, a spiritual feeling that you and your loved ones will never be forsaken.


The emotional impact of this colour scheme has been intentionally selected: Blues for Trust, peace and loyalty. Yellows for Happiness, warmth and creativity. Greens for Nature, freshness and healing.

The shapes and forms in the background are both organically flowing and geometrically angular, they are an abstraction and movement that could suggest landscape, seascape open space and freedom.

The Slumped Glass on the front surface of the window is a repeated version of the Lords Prayer, the prayer Jesus left us with and seemed wholly appropriate for a prayer room.

Additional Information

The Surrounding words in the design are from Galatians Chapter 5:22-23 Describing The Fruits of The Spirit - Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Humility and Self-Control. The Words Love, Peace and Joy are also enlarged to be read from the outside sending a message to the world. The small optical lens in the centre of the design would contain a message for visitors that would lead us from our earthly life into the eternal.