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The Alton Town Center Collection by Krivosheiw

Submitted by Alexander Krivosheiw Sculpture Studio

Client: NADG/Brock

Location: Palm Beach Gardens, FL, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $300,000

Project Team

Alexander Krivosheiw

William Halliday


Krivosheiw collaborated with a developer in need of sculptures that reflected the brand and contemporary aesthetic of the Alton community.

Krivosheiw created a 4 part body of work with a narrative surrounding the mystical nature of weather patterns. Three pieces were to be placed on an artwalk, the final piece at the entrance of the plaza. .

The first piece featured on the artwalk is “Weather Rock,” hand-fabricated in bronze and stainless steel, 8 feet H x 4 feet 5 inches W x 3 feet Deep in size. This piece represents the playful way in which one can discover the weather forecast versus the more complicated systems used today.

“Whiplash,” also fabricated in bronze and stainless steel, measuring 8 feet H x 4 feet W x 4 feet 5 inches Deep represents the push and pull of the atmosphere.

“Tornadon” represents rotating winds held in stillness. Hand fabricated in bronze and stainless steel measuring 8 feet H x 6 feet W x 4 feet 5 inches in Depth.

“Unity” in mirror polished stainless steel measuring 8 feet by 8 feet by 4 feet signifies the phenomenon of weather and how it is a common thread uniting all of humanity.


Integrating artwork into this project was an Art in Public Places (AIPP) requirement, therefore the developer needed the city of Palm Beach Gardens to approve the sculpture design.

The AIPP committee identified certain areas to place the artwork so that not only patrons of the town center could enjoy it, but also those living in the adjacent community.

There was an "artwalk" area to feature multiple works, and a main point of entry to the plaza where the city wanted a significant size sculpture. Alexander had to consider how to create multiple pieces on a strict timeline within the budgetary parameters while maintaining the complexity & beauty of the sculptures.

The structural integrity of the work was paramount as it is on public display. The city was also concerned about the upkeep which is why Alexander selected materials that required minimal maintenance.


Collaborating with the developer was critical in creating this body of work. The town center’s exterior design elements included a rusted steel-like look juxtaposed by stainless steel. To execute the developer's vision, Alexander created his first mixed metal series by fusing stainless steel and bronze with a patina finish.