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Thank You Water

Submitted by Todji Sculpture LLC

Client: City of Dublin California

Location: Dublin, CA, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $325,000

Project Team


Dahlin Group

Dahlin Group Architecture

Arts and Heritage Director

Ann Mottola

City of Dublin California


Thank You Water is an offering of gratitude to a Spring that sprouted a city. The Spirit of Alamilla Spring skips a stone across time. Seven splashes represent seven eras in the history of Dublin California, which sprouted next to the Alamilla spring: Ohlone, Spanish, Mexican, Irish, WWII, 1960s suburbs and today’s multi-cultural city. The stone is still skipping in the present, and a magic mirror only reflects the faces of those who decide the future! Todji interviewed community members and vibrated Alamilla Spring water with their words of gratitude. He then embossed the cymatic patterns onto seven bronze water splashes along a 200′ entry plaza to the Wave Aquatic Center in Dublin California.


Commissioned by Dublin California’s Public Art Program. This was a $44 million construction project for which the nine bronze monuments and plinths form the trajectory of a skipping stone along the 200' long entry plaza to The Wave Aquatic Center . I collaborated with Dahlin Group Architects to integrate our designs. I drafted the construction documents, and produced the engineering from which the contractor built the nine concrete plinths. The principle intention was to make a community offering of gratitude to all waters at an aquatic center built during a decade long California drought.


Please see the “Thank You, Water” documentary to see how Todji interviewed eight community members and vibrated Alamilla Spring water with their words of gratitude to form cymatic patterns which Todji embossed onto seven bronze water splashes representing seven eras in the history of the city.

Additional Information

The “Thank You Water” documentary demonstrates Todji's creative process, and proposes that social and ecological healing lies in remembering the sanctity of nature's gifts that give life to us all.