Client: Private

Location: Lexington, KY, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team


Helene Steene

Steene Studio

Interior Designer

Jill Annarino Farfan

JAF Architect

The Clients


“TERRA”, 8 X 3 feet, numerous layers of oil glazes using dry mineral pigments over marble dust with metal on 4 wood panels.
These glazes have no filler, so deep translucencies are achieved, and the piece glows.


The clients have remodeled a modern, beautiful home to even cleaner lines and lots of light, with large windows and movable glass walls. They aim for a Scandinavian/Japanese feeling, and wanted to have only a few art works around to stand out.


The clients and their designer came to my studio and we looked at several pieces together.The designer asked if we could combine some panels, and as each piece can stand on its own or in combinations, it was fun to come up with the final version of "TERRA". As the pieces already existed it is great to have the clients there, so they take an early ownership, and it feels like a commission to create a new piece with different combinations.

Additional Information

It is always enjoyable to see a piece being installed, especially since the clients had waited a long time for construction and painting to be done to the building, and to realize that the painting is in a perfect spot, and that the clients are thrilled!