Submitted by Mery Crystal Ra


Location: Lilleoru, Estonia

Completion date: 2022

Project Team


Mery Crystal Ra


Ain Padrik


Glass paintings by artist Mery Crystal Ra are created specially for the temple glass surfaces for LILLEORU NGO : ISHWARA TEMPLE / FLOWER OF LIFE PARK . Long creative process started in collaboration with the architect Ain Padrik. Finally the acrylic paintings have been printed on glass surfaces of four doors:: for two glass doors Yellow- Air, two glass doors Grey- Fire and for two windows: Red- Water and White- Land. Glass paintings have a special meaning of colors and graphics. All graphics of paintings resonate with the ISHWARA temple and with the nature.
Architect Ain Padrik and the architectural solution created by him – meaningful sites and temples are realised by people of the Lilleoru community.
Architect has created a visual whole that combines the graphic image of the flower of life, which includes the natural environment and small buildings: a larger ISHWARA temple and small temples on a wide area of land.
The architectural solution of Ain Padrik’s FLOWER OF LIFE Park integrates physical architectural space, nature, the human soul and is dedicated to both the Lilleoru community and to all mankind
Ain Padrik used the ideas of the people of the Lilleoru community and especially the visions of Ingvar Villido to realize the vision.


The main goal for this very meditative integrated glasspaintings project was to create glasspaintings for ISHWARA TEMPLE via art / architecture / human power and secret unconscious human dreams. The concept of showing visuals mixed from invisible structure of the human soul/ cosmic dynamics / birds songs (trees graphics and lines / flowers graphics /human eyes form via artist Mery Crystal Ra`s handwriting was a long creative process: drawings, paintings: watercolors and acrylic paintings. To find the most resonating final paintings for the ISHWARA temple for four doors and two windows. The video is showing the artistic process via different drawings and paintings which finally create the flow feelings inside the viewers and the visitors of the ISHWARA Temple. The name Lilleoru (translated as Valley of the Flower) is the historical name of the local farmstead. The story of the educational center goes back to the beginning of the of the 1990s when yogi Ingvar Villido first came here with his students to fix up the place. Today, 30 years later, with the contribution of hundreds and thousands of volunteers an international school of Practical Consciousness has been established here where courses and intensive retreats regularly take place. Lilleoru is open to all guests and visitors.


These integrated glass paintings for ISHWARA Temple 4 doors and 2 windows represent the meaningful energy and synergy between glass paintings and nature / the glasspaintings graphics resonate with the streamlined form of the Temple. Mery Crystal Ra collected her visions, drawings and paintings and created special paintings for the temple doors and windows. after hundreds of consultations and meetings / testings with the architect / the community leaders and tests with glass technologies / after testing on the Temple construction site / the concepts for 4 doors and two windows / was finally selected. 2 FIRE-GREY doors- as fire dynamics and graphics of fire / 2 YELLOW doors - as air vibration/ plants shadows/ human eye contours/ flower abstract images. Two windows- RED WATER as water dynamics/ sound and water power graphics. LAND-WHITE has very heavy land structure and white -violet reflections. The main goal was to create spiritual and meditative paintings which will resonate with the Temple curved architecture and with the surrounding nature: trees/ flowers/ birds songs sounds/ human spirit of the Lilleoru community. More about the power sites via Lilleoru website: https://www.lilleoru.ee/en/power-sites/ and the Flower Of Life website: https://www.lilleoru.ee/en/flower-of-life/

Additional Information

US top art guru Rosemarie Montague-Tiesler: "Mery Crystal Ra is one of our artists we exhibited at our Art Gallery in Soho, New York in the 90tees ! She is an art world Tesla. She is the most talented and Internationally known artist of our times!" Mery Crystal Ra is one of the few women to work in the international environment of architectural glass art, participating in conferences and cooperating with various architects and engineers. Her innovative interactive glass-light-video sculptures were created for the UNESCO International Year OF Light closing ceremony 2016, European Parliament main building exhibition in Brussels, Belgium 2006 and Glaston Corporation. She’s one of the winners of the 2013 and 2014 Light In the City European light artists competition. Innovative impression is achieved thanks to her vigorous use of innovative materials and technologies. Keeping up-to-date with the research results in the glass industry gives a fresh feel and new sensitivity to her sculptures. The artist’s masterful use of the interplay of graphics and color gives a result with a unique handwriting. Website: http://merycrystalra.com/ Conference website: https://conference.merycrysta Saatchi : https://www.saatchiart.com/account/profile/96344