Temple Har Shalom


Client: Jun Kaneko

Location: Park City, UT, United States

Completion date: 2008

Project Team

Industry Resource

Nicole Leaper

Bullseye Studio, Designer & Fabricator


Jun Kaneko

Industry Resource

Bullseye Glass Company, Manufacturer


In 2008, Japanese ceramic artist Jun Kaneko was
commissioned by the Jewish community of Park City,
Utah to create a series of windows for their first
synagogue. Tasked to design the windows for the main
sanctuary, Kaneko’s design had to fit into the Alfred
Jacoby building design while meeting the desires of the
community. Unaccustomed to working with glass at
the scale needed, Kaneko reached out to Bullseye who
worked with the artist to fabricate the project. Each of
the 468 panes is unique and is comprised of 340 stringers
laid by hand according to Kaneko’s strict specifications.
The final project totaled over 721 square feet and used
159,120 stringers.


"This was my first big architecturally integrated window, so I
studied quite a bit about the space and the relationship of
natural light coming through the inside of the windows and
outside. Then the temple members in Park City had to teach
me what is important [for the artwork to reflect] about
- Jun Kaneko


"Very early I had an idea about using lot of color, but
because people come together at the Temple with a purpose,
color would be distracting. I picked blue and white as the major
colors because those are spiritual and mysterious colors to
me and it just happens to be the colors of the flag of Israel."
- Jun Kaneko

Additional Information

Kilnformed glass windows designed by artist Jun Kaneko and fabricated by Bullseye Studio. Located at Temple Har Shalom in Park City, Utah. 2008 Main window 30 feet high x 25 feet wide, 10 side windows each 13 feet 5 inches high x 1 foot 3 inches wide