TeloMeMitoWho? - CODAworx


Client: Unity Hospital

Location: Rochester, NY, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $8,750

Project Team


Nancy Gong


David Gardner

Gardner Plus Architects, PLLC


This piece was created as a prototype for a potential commission in a healthcare facility. It is about the exploration of cells and the breadth of information that they carry with them. The design takes an abstract microscopic view of various types of cells and the structures within them. The artistic process utilizes multiple layer lamination of etched, chipped, carved, painted and fused mouth-blown sheet glass. The laminated glass process lends itself perfectly for this design allowing me to create a more fluid, dimensional, bright and modern energy with out the structural restrictions of leaded glass.


The purpose of the panel is to potentially be installed in the health facilities boardroom. It is meant to represent the identity of the facility and inform viewers with a broader concept of what health is . The panel expresses structural elements of cells like mitochondrion, the main energy source of a cell and how vital that is, telomeres and how they are said to be indicators of health as protectors of chromosomes along with DNA and ribosomes. The piece narrates the orchestrated flow of haw all the parts function within and for the whole of the cell and the beauty with in that.


The process of creating this design involved collaborating with the client to create a design that is meaningful o the board and their commitment to their mission in medical care.