Target @ TED Vancouver - CODAworx

Target @ TED Vancouver

Submitted by Paper Arboretum

Client: Guild LA

Location: Los Angeles, CA, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $3,400

Project Team

Pinwheel assembly

Jerolyn Crute Sackman

Paper Arboretum

Pinwheels for Exhibit Installation

Guild LA

Guild LA


2000 pinwheels for Target @ TED Vancouver were assembled for the exhibit at the event.
• Precut 4″ pinwheels were supplied by Guild LA
• Pinwheels were made of synthetic paper
• Grommets/Eyelets were supplied
• Assembly was completed in 4 days


Assemble 2000 pinwheels in 2 1/2 weeks so they could be ready for assembly for the exhibit in development.


Serendipitously I was connected by the owner of a supplier of grommets in downtown Los Angeles with one of the designers of the Target exhibit at Guild LA. The owner told him about my pinwheel business. So instead of purchasing the equipment and grommets to assemble the pinwheels in house, they outsourced the assembly of the pinwheels to my company Paper Arboretum.