Synaptical Ganglions - CODAworx

Synaptical Ganglions

Submitted by Craig Snyder

Client: Northfield Hospital

Location: Northfield, MN, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $17,000

Project Team


Craig Snyder

FireShapes Studio


Dan Weinand


Neurons form synapses. And synapses assemble into Ganglions as structures within the brain. Individuals in an organization are like synapses and neurons in our brain. Rootlike patinated steel rod grows from the earth to support mixed media totems. The juxtaposition of materials and shapes reflects our world of diversity and ingenuity. The twists and curves in the sculpture reflect that we are creatures of stardust with myriad atoms from the birth of the universe embedded in our DNA.
The piece is 22'w x 8'h x 9″d and is made with steel, stainless steel, wood, fabric and paint.


The hospital wanted a bold and interesting design for a Wall of Honor -- something that stood out from what is normally available. We made it both beautiful and interesting but also functional. This piece as it also serves as a Wall of Honor for long term employees. Each name is laser engraved onto stainless steel which is turn attached via a magnet to the steel pieces. In addition the central area was designed to allow the team to provide quarterly team updates.


We worked with various members of the hospital staff, including marketing/communications, safety and security, as well as their architect who set specs for the project. We adjusted the design to accommodate their building services team to make it simpler to maintain.