Suspension, installation at the showroom Marmi Due Ci, Italy - CODAworx

Suspension, installation at the showroom Marmi Due Ci, Italy

Submitted by LISA BORGIANI

Client: Marmi Due Ci

Location: VERONA, Italy

Completion date: 2018

Project Team


Luca Micheletti

I Guitti Theater Company





My focus embraces contemporary artistic interpretations of photography, in addition to conceptual “mobile installations” created on a large scale, to interact within the existing architecture.

The conceptual aspect combines a focus on installation within its environment (according to its shape and history) and developing an on-going dialogue with the space that surrounds it, offering new ways for the public to observe and enjoy their installation. Wind, a natural element which moves the mesh, creates a visual storm and generates an emotional storm.


This installation would convey the continuous possibilities of changing in our daily life. The space is dynamic and able to create different and ever-changing shapes; we have different prospects and points of view.


The idea came out from a previous collaboration with the Theater Company "I Guitti". The new installation has followed the play "La Tempesta nello specchio" at Belfort Theatre Campus in Piuro, directed by Luca Micheletti. The installation lives in a different way and under a different perspective each time according to the space.