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Sunrise Cascade

Client: Pinnacle Bank

Location: Omaha, PA, United States

Completion date: 2011

Artwork budget: $91,000

Project Team


Talley Fisher

Talley Fisher Studio

Art Consultant

Holly Hackwith

Corporate Art CO


Chris Wendlandt

Pinnacle Bank


Ms. Chris Wendlandt

Pinnacle Bank Headquarters, Omaha


Ms. Chris Wendlandt

Pinnacle Bank, Omaha Headquarters


"Sunrise Cascade" was commissioned by Pinnacle Bank for their headquarters in Omaha, NE through the art consultant, Holly Hackwith of Corporate Art Co in Omaha. It is 20' H x 8' L x 4' W Diameter, made of powder coated perforated aluminum, cut into shapes reminiscent of leaves or petals. The sculptural forms, swirling across the landscape, clad in the fiery colors of a prairie sunrise, are caught in the atrium of this new bank building in 2011.


The atrium of Pinnacle Bank Headquarters in Omaha is used for special events and gatherings. Therefore, the client wanted it to be a special place and to reflect the contemporary look of their new building, which is filled with art on the walls of offices and corridors. Looking for something referencing earth, fire, and air, they connected with my concept of cascading winds blowing natural materials across the prairie under a vibrant sunrise. The oranges, reds and yellow colors create a strong focal point and a sense of warmth in the atrium.


Working closely with Art Consultant Holly Hackwith of Coporate Art Co in Omaha and Chris Wendlandt, Sr. Vice President, I presented the design, explaining that my style often takes natural forms and renders them in industrial materials, using contemporary fabrication techniques, such as laser or water jet cutting out of shapes, powder coating or anodizing the finishes, and computer simulations and renderings. I let them know I use only high quality stainless steel fittings, fasteners, ceiling anchors, and ball chain or cable. The installation required an additional worker to assist me in a scissors lift and took three days to install. The sculptural "petals" are made of perforated aluminum, rolled and powder coated in multiple colors.

Additional Information

Chris and Holly set up the installation date, all the necessary equipment and labor, and even were on hand to help out. It was an excellent collaboration of Artist, Art Consultant, and Client. I was pleased with Chris Wendlandt's comments after the work was installed and the bank hosted a "unveiling" of "Sunrise Cascade". She said she "can't find words to describe how beautiful the sculpture is.... and that it far exceeded our expectations." My fantasy image of prairie winds at sunrise was a success.