Submitted by Sanjay Puri



Location: RAS, RAJASTHAN, India

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $6,821,237

Project Team








recreational facilities are laid our organically as a low rise development. Imbibing the organic character of old Indian cities and villages, 81 Studios is created as a series of winding streets interspersed with landscaped spaces.
All the circulation spaces are naturally lit & cross ventilated with varied square openings that frame views of the outside whilst being traversed. Each of the hostel rooms, studio apartments and common facilities open into outdoor areas oriented towards the north creating individual open spaces.


The entire layout imbibes the organic nature of old Indian cities in the form of low rise residential buildings engaging with the existing shallow contoured land. Taking cues from the desert colors of the location the housing units are rendered in shades of beige accentuated with yellow color stucco paint. As opposed to providing static art installations or paintings, the built form in itself creates varied compositions juxtaposed against the natural topography of the land. In addition, whilst walking through the circulation spaces one gets varied frames of the surroundings from the open square punctuations. The colors of these corridors are imbibed from the vivid hues of the clothes & accessories of the people of Rajasthan. At each organic bend in the corridor the color changes from one vibrant shade to another creating identity, moods & experiences.
Whilst the buildings are simple, their layout, the way they step back, the way they are experienced from within and the varied compositions they form from the exterior are all artful expressions.


81 Studios is a housing project located in a non-urban area of Rajasthan with villages nearby and the closest city 30 km away. In response to the hot desert climate of the location in Ras, Rajasthan with temperatures in excess of 36⁰ C for most of the year, the north orientation, deep recessed windows, open circulation spaces & sheltered open spaces render the buildings energy efficient by the reduction of heat gain & the facilitation of natural ventilation. The access road is along the site perimeter creating a large vehicle free landscaped space within that forms over 60% of the site.
The building while appearing continuous along the road frontage fragments into arms extending into the landscaped garden. The organic nature of the design is accentuated by the use of traditional bright colors that the people of Rajasthan are known for. 81 Studios is a low rise housing solution in response to its location, the climate & tradition creating a contextual & sustainable design which is artful in its experience.