Strength in Unity - CODAworx

Strength in Unity

Submitted by Scott Goss

Client: City of Shaker Heights

Location: Shaker Heights, OH, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $65,800

Project Team


City of Shaker Heights

Industry Resource

Sean Mercer

Mercer-Works LLC


Scott Goss



GPD Group


Michael DiCillo

DiCillo Landscape Design


This gateway public art installation showcases the vibrancy and strength a community has when they collaborate with and support one another. Each of the door types modeled in this piece is based on one found in the Moreland neighborhood of Shaker Heights, OH and the vibrant, saturated colors are reminiscent of door color choices found throughout the whole city. By having each door lean on the other and then stacking them to create two towers, each unit is a vital component in the overall structure of the piece and represents the power of a community working towards a common goal.


To positively reflect the history, architecture, and cultural diversity of the historic neighborhood of Shaker Heights, OH. This reflection is seen metaphorically in this projects design with the door designs based on ones found within the neighborhood and their colors reflective of the long diversity of the neighborhood. Many hours of research was given looking into the history of the neighborhood and walking the streets talking to residents. The research is evident in its final design as it symbolizes the energy and enthusiasm residents have for their neighborhood.


This project consisted of active collaboration between all parties. From design inception, to community discussions, to city planning, many voices participated in its design.

Additional Information

This project is a small part of a larger reinvestment in the Moreland neighborhood. Other completed projects and upcoming ones include historical markers outlining the neighborhoods history, and the renovation of an existing park to include new games, benches and a Little Free Library.