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Stepping Forward Into History – Joshua Glover Memorial

Submitted by Quentin VerCetty

Client: Etobicoke Historical Society, City of Toronto

Location: Toronto , ON, Canada

Completion date: 2021

Project Team

Designer, Sculptor

Quentin VerCetty

VerCetty Made It Studios

3d printing and Bronze Casting

ArtCast Inc.

ArtCast Inc.


A commemorative art piece for historic freedom seeker Joshua Glover was commissioned by Etobicoke Historical Society and the city of Toronto. The sculpture depicts different transitional aspects from Glover’s life with symbolic motifs such as the flowers, clothing, his sci-fiction cyborg arms to represent different life events and places.

MEDIUM: Bronze, granite, concrete

DIMENSIONS: 1.8m (6.2’) tall by 0.67m (2.2’


Celebrate the life of Joshua Glover who helped to create new Slavery laws in Canada and allow interracial marriage to be permitted in the township.


From a digital design, a 3d printed wax model was created with additional manual sculpting done before the bronze casting process was carried out by ArtCast Inc. foundry studio.