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St. Jerome’s Church

Submitted by Yan Rieger

Client: Rev. Blanchard

Location: Norwalk, CT, United States

Completion date: 2001

Artwork budget: $125,000

Project Team


Yan H.Rieger


Francoise Rieger


St Jerome’s Church, Norwalk CT. Rev. David Blanchfield Pastor.
The client desired a stained glass window in the sanctuary wall on the subject of : “God and Mankind”.
Yan designed and painted the following : Blessed Virgin, Christ, Redemption, Resurrection and Ascension, and on the rear wall the theme of “St. Mary and the teaching and life of Christ” sacraments, life death, last judgement and heaven. A meditative, uplifting informative composition for the sanctuary area.
The windows were executed in double-flashed mouth blown european antique glass painted and acid etched . Yellow vitreous enamel accents were airbrushed on and fired.


The church committee wanted the art glass to be showcased, inspire the community with the representational art designed by Yan Rieger in a contemporary style.The ultimate goal was to create an atmosphere of celebration, joy and prayer within this modern architecture.
In order to join visually the two large size windows , on left and right of the altar ,the overall composition had to be architectural in scale.The two windows in the sanctuary area facing east, casting a spectacular color spectrum. The inspirational art glass draws the parishioners into deep reflection, diffuses, and transmits light and color into the space.


There were numerous design meetings with Yan, the Pastor, the arts committee and parishioners Over time, the collaboration of all the involved yielded a design that integrated my style with the dynamic church architecture and translated the iconography , their needs and desires into the art glass.