Spring Abstract Bouquet - CODAworx

Spring Abstract Bouquet

Submitted by Kathryn Crawford

Client: AllSpring Global

Location: Charlotte , NC, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team


Kathryn Crawford

Kathryn Crawford


Gus Cutty

Gus Cutty

Art consulting

Chryssha Guidry


Interior design

Carrie Renegar



This interior was a collaboration between muralists Kathryn Crawford and Gus Cutty, Gensler, Indiewalls art consulting, and AllSpring Global. The mural was designed by Kathryn and Gus and painted by both artists with aerosols. The left side of the mural is 10.7’ x 10.3’ and the right side is 14.2’ x 10.3’.


The aim was to create a piece that worked in the space, and incorporated branding elements and themes of spring. More specifically, the quarter circle that is an integral part of the AllSpring logo, and the purples, blues and greens that are used as their main colors.


The artists were contacted by IndieWalls, who facilitated the process of design and collaboration with the Gensler and AllSpring. Kathryn and Gus digitally designed the piece by each adding their own elements and style, and recreated the piece on the wall with aerosol.