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Splashdown – Embassy Suites Seattle

Submitted by Mike Fields

Client: Sodo Builders

Location: Seattle, WA, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $1,000,000

Project Team


Mike Fields

Mike Fields Scultpures LLC


Chester Fields

Chester Fields Bronzes Inc


“Splashdown” is cast in 316l stainless steel and the supporting swoosh is waterjet cut and milled solid 316l stainless steel. The whole piece is mounted in a small pond with water bubblers at its base.


Sodo Builders hired Chester Fields and myself to create a iconic piece for their new development of Embassy Suites in Seattle. The piece was to be unique and together with the client, we chose to create the entire piece in stainless steel. We worked extensively with Sodo and their subcontractors to ensure seamless integration with their environment and ensure their goals were met. One of those goals was creating a sense, or perception of suspension of the bird. We didn't want to use an architectural support so we designed and created one that was more organic. The search for shops that were up to meeting the challenge of cutting and milling the Swoosh, as well as finely casting and polishing the bird, was extensive.


"Splashdown" was designed and sculpted by Chester Fields and project managed by Mike Fields. The bird was cast in 316l stainless steel and finished with a high polish at Polich Tallix. The "Swoosh" support was designed and managed by Mike Fields. The "Swoosh" was cut out of a solid 8,000lb block of 316l stainless steel with a waterjet and then the surface and bevels were CNC milled and finally integrated with the casting and finished at the foundry. Chester painted the eye to give a subtle shout-out to the Seahawks at the nearby Centurylink stadium. The piece required working with numerous subcontractors and took several years and thousands of hours to complete. Project managing this piece and solving engineering and production challenges was involved.

Additional Information

This piece is at the entry of the Embassy Suites hotel in Seattle and directly in front of Centurylink Field - The Seattle Seahawks Stadium.