Spirit of Play - CODAworx

Spirit of Play

Client: City of Allen

Location: Allen, TX, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $135,000

Project Team


Carol May

May & Watkins Design


Tim Watkins

May & Watkins Design

Park Planning & Development Manager

Matt McComb

City of Allen, Parks and Recreation Dept


We were chosen by the City of Allen to develop sculptural work for the first stage of a new athletic park. Spirit Park project consists of 13 sculptural elements up to 14-feet and an array of signage. The sculptures include 2 benches, 4 free standing sculptures, 2 sculptures with signage, 4 bike racks, and 4 bas relief wall units.


The goal was to create themed work for the entrance to the ball fields and for the playground of the park. The initial thought was a single large scale piece, but it quickly developed into a series of smaller scale sculptures sited throughout the park.


We worked with the community and city planners to develop, refine and ultimately site the work. With them, we developed a series of pieces that referenced the flora of Allen, Texas.

Additional Information

One of the main plants we focused on was the red hot poker because the petals of these flowers lent themselves so well to visual translation using aluminum baseball bats. And what better fit for an area with four baseball fields!