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Spirit of Eden Shelter Island

Client: Private Collection

Location: Shelter Island, NY, United States

Completion date: 2023

Project Team


Chris Natrop

Chris Natrop Studio


Chris Natrop

Chris Natrop Studio


Spirit of Eden Shelter Island stands as a magnificent example of site-specific sculpture, harmoniously weaving itself into the very fabric of its designated space. Delicate 2D mirrored metal cutouts cling to the interior surfaces. They emerge seamlessly up from the top of the fireplace, their slender forms reaching skyward, sprouting anew at unexpected points, and delicately concluding their journey around the corner of an upstairs doorway.

While these cutouts inhabit distinct spatial realms, they unite to form a cohesive tapestry — a symphony of growth and transformation. They coalesce into a singular, multifaceted experience, where ever-shifting reflections dance and play within the ever-changing ambient illumination. This choreography of dancing light reflects a living canvas, constantly evolving and enchanting.

Guided by the client’s fondness for particular blooms and blossoms, the sculpture seamlessly incorporates these elements into the broader composition, effortlessly fusing them with my well-established artistic style.


The objective of Spirit of Eden Shelter Island to fashion a grand wall sculpture across the multi-planar surfaces of a recently renovated residence in picturesque Shelter Island, New York.


I collaborated directly with the client, bypassing the involvement of an art advisor. This allowed for a close and personalized interaction, enabling me to truly comprehend their unique desires. As time progressed, I absorbed their requirements and meticulously synthesized them, culminating in the conception of the intricate wall sculpture. This direct partnership with the client, void of intermediary layers, facilitated a deep understanding of their vision.

Additional Information

A customized installation within a private residence on Shelter Island, New York. Dimensions: 168 x 204 x 1 inches Material: Mirror-polished stainless steel