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Sony Centre for the Performing Arts Commemorative Lobby Wall-Sculpture

Client: Sony Centre for the Performing Arts

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $15,000

Project Team


Heather Kocsis

Heather Kocsis Artist


Dan Brambilla

Sony Centre for the Performing Arts


To celebrate and preserve the historic architecture of the Sony Centre Centre for the Performing Arts building in Toronto, Canada, Heather Kocsis was commissioned to create an original wall sculpture for the front entrance lobby.

Using layers of wood, nails, screws, industrial glue, the artwork is sealed and primed, painted with lightfast oil paints, with a UV non-yellowing semi-gloss varnish.

Oil on wood, 23 in x 72 in x 8 in

The CEO of the Centre commissioned Heather to create a unique statement artwork before a contemporary addition was built.


“I was impressed by the originality of Heather's artwork when I experienced her work at her Toronto art exhibition. I commissioned her to create a wall sculpture of the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts, formerly known as the Hummingbird Centre. We are extremely happy with the artwork, as she successfully captured the essence and detail of a historical and integral building of Toronto's architectural landscape. Viewers are constantly amazed at the innovation of the work and I commend Heather's professionalism and artistic talent." -Dan Brambilla, CEO, The Sony Centre for the Performing Arts.


At the initial meeting, considering the dimensionality of the artwork and its overall care, the ideal location of the artwork was decided upon.

The artwork would be placed in a location that would suit the space, and be protected as well.

The size of the artwork was determined by the sightline of the entrance and the size of the wall. The artwork would also be appropriately lit to enhance the sculptural quality.

Heather researched the historical significance of the building and photographed the building from various perspectives and times of the day. A compositional drawing was presented, outlining the dimensions, architectural details, and perspective of the artwork.

Timely updates via email and photographs were delivered on the progress of the artwork.

Once completed, a custom container was created for proper delivery of the artwork.
The artwork was delivered and professionally installed and lighted. A nameplate was created, with the title and artist's name.

A Certificate of Authenticity was included, outlining the materials used, the date, and specific care and cleaning instructions to preserve the longevity of the artwork.