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Song of the Seasons – Hospice Wind Harp

Submitted by Harmony Wind Harps

Client: Mercy Hospital

Location: Durango, CO, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $38,000

Project Team


Ross Barrable


Mercy Hospital


The Wind Harp sound sculpture is placed is the Meditation Garden adjacent to a small Kiva sitting area . Overall Height with extended pedestal: 10′- 3 Height of extended Pedestal: 5′- 6″ Color of harp: Earth tones, Violet, crystal sphere Materials: Aluminum alloy harp with Steel Base Pedestal: Finish – Powder coated Harp and steel base with Stainless steel anchor flange. Strings – 27 nylon strings with stainless steel tuners


The goal of integrating a Wind harp into the outdoor landscaping was to add a sound element to the grounds of the Hospice that would create a sense of connection with the natural ebb and flow of nature. Hospice clients could come outside and sit in the kiva space with family members while listening to the harmonic sounds of the wind through the harp.


Mercy Hospice contacted Harmony Wind Harps a year prior to the construction phase of the project and requested a wind harp proposal. Once the design size, shape and budget were decided a donor came forward to fund the wind harp. The artist was given 8 months lead time to fabricate the sculpture and co-ordinate installation with the Landscape Design team. The concrete footer for the wind harp was poured in place and given a earth tone concrete stain which allowed the artist to seamlessly install the wind harp once all Landscaping was completed.

Additional Information

The harmonic sounds of the wind harp in the hospice setting brings a sense of connection with the natural ebb and flow of life as it changes from one form of creative expression to another.