Some New Designs/Creations from Viewers/Creators at Art Vancouver 2016 - CODAworx

Some New Designs/Creations from Viewers/Creators at Art Vancouver 2016

Submitted by Majie Lavergne


Client: Art Vancouver 2016

Location: Vancouver, BC, United States

Completion date: 2016

Project Team


Majie Lavergne

Maitri Studio


Louis-Laurent Bourget

Wild Wood Project


I was invited and juried in to be part of Art! Vancouver 2016. Art! Vancouver is a renowned International Art Fair in Western Canada, featuring reputable galleries and artists from around the world. My booth was 15 feet long, the walls were 10 feet high.
This slide/show video is a combinations of some of the designs/compositions done by viewers who became creators at Art Vancouver 2016


I chose to display four different versions of my Interactive Art ‘Re-Create’ to demonstrate the variety of materials that can be used and posted a sign informing people that they could commission a 'Re-Create' according to their preferred size and colours. Peoples’ responses to ‘Re-Create’ were positive and enthusiastic. About two third of viewers engaged in their own art making while another third felt a bit shy or not in the mood to interact with ‘Re-Create’. People who interacted with the art expressed that it helped them to tap into their creativity, that it was fun, unique, different, re-freshing, a new type of art and that it has an ever-changing quality.


Many, many people were involved in creating this series of new designs. They were some of the viewers/creators of Art Vancouver 2016.