Solidarity - CODAworx


Submitted by Arkadiusz Gawecki

Client: Ovre Eiker municipality

Location: Skotselv, Norway

Completion date: 2014

Project Team


Arkadiusz Gawecki


Ovre Eiker kommune ,Norway


It is a hand forged steel sculpture .One part was made in the art smithy in Skotselv,Norway and the another part in the forge of Gdansk shipyard ,Poland . Size: 700 cm high, 110cm wide , 8 tons weight.


It was additional sculpture to existing outdoor art gallery .The goal was to connect artistic blacksmithing with industrial blacksmithing in one design and to show colaboration between blacksmiths. Industrial feel with organic lines symbolizes solidarity .


Artist and designer of this project is Arkadiusz Gawecki who made one part of this sculpture in his own studio and the rest in shipyard idustrial forge with the help of local blacksmiths.

Additional Information

This is a symbol of human freedom and solidarity.