Solar Passage - CODAworx

Solar Passage


Location: Washington, DC, United States

Completion date: 2017

Project Team

Art Consultant

Karen Amiel

Amiel & Philips

Glass Fabricator

Bullseye Studio


Warm tones saturate this interior mosaic of fused, painted, and silvered glass tiles. Located in the entrance lobby of 650 Massachusetts Avenue in Washington D.C., the work spans 39’w x 22’h with over 1,200 hand-crafted tiles.


The client had sought warm colors to contrast the stone and neutral palette in this entry lobby as well as an installation that could be seen from the street. Vitreous paint fired onto the edges of the tiles contrasts the reflective properties of the glass and creates a sense of movement along the surface.


Glass, as my primary medium, has the unique ability to shape and define a space through its interaction with light.

Every project begins with a series of questions: What is the nature of the site? Whom does it serve? What times of the day or night is the site in use? What is the architectural intent? Are there special conditions with regard to lighting, building codes, and installation? These are just a few. Through studies and dialogue with the client and design team, a direction for the artwork emerges.