Skywaves - CODAworx


Submitted by Willco Art and Design Inc.

Client: Broward County Aviation Department

Location: Ft Lauderdale, FL, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $450,000

Project Team


Elitza Mladenova


Laurie Lundquist

Willco Art and Design Inc.


The Skywaves concept was developed as a competition proposal for the Fort Lauderdale international Airport. Four existing steel bridges were to be refurbished with the inclusion of art. The artistic intent behind my proposal was to create an uplifting design that directly referenced the phenomenon of waves teasing the Florida coastline. The canopy is a tubular steel matrix that defines a sinusoidal plane. The complex curved surface is clad with a spectral blue reflective Alucobond below. Perforated aluminum safety railings are inset into the refurbished truss structure, blue LEDs light the structure at night.


Broward County Cultural Division issued an RFQ for art to be installed in conjunction with the refurbishing of four existing pedestrian bridges at Fort Lauderdale International Airport. As a selected finalist I proposed the radical move or removing the existing depressing barrel vault canopies with the "Skywaves" concept, and replacing solid, metal clad sidewalls with the transparent perforated aluminum safety fence. The aviation department was very excited by the concept and integrated the art concept into the overall bridge improvement. Engineers at HDR inc took the lead on all the structural aspects of the canopy design and remained true to the artistic intent. The uplifting bridge design is being very well received by the aviation department and the public.


The Skywave Concept was developed in my studio with indispensable help from Elitza Mladenova, architect and designer. Elitza was essential every step of the way through the proposal development and presentation renderings that communicated the concept. When Skywaves was selected as the public art project that would be implemented, Broward County Aviation and my project managers a Broward County Cultural Division encouraged me to partner with the project engineers to take the reins on structural design that would pass rigid Florida hurricane standards. It was a pleasure to work with HDR inc throughout the design process and into construction. Allied Contractors have done an amazing job of bringing the complex design into reality. There were many challenges along the way, but, Allied and their subcontractors:- Paradise Awning and Horizon flooring have been wonderful to work with throughout the process.