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Sky & Earth. – Wind & Water



Location: TAIPEI, Taiwan

Completion date: 2022

Project Team



Qingqiao Construction Co., Ltd.

Cinema & Artist asistant


Studio Novella - Public Art


These two sculptures can be understood as a single artistic act. They are inspired by nature and want to evoke the force of life and our love for it. Nature is our home and in it we find everything we need.
I know that there are many forces in nature and many kingdoms, I have chosen EARTH, WATER and AIR. as a symbol of energy source and refuge of humanity.
This proposal aims to provide two significant sculptures, capable of moving and making us reflect. They are two spaces to inhabit, to enter them and feel the landscape in a special way. They are meditative spaces.
There is an intentional search for beauty, a need to create a stage where the human being is the main actor. They are not just sculptures to see but they are to inhabit, one needs to approach, touch, be inside and feel surrounded and protected.


Outdoor salon
Meting point

Additional Information

The SKY & EARTH sculpture is represented by a tree leaf. It is a spear-shaped leaf, this allows us to reach height and have an important presence in the environment. It will be easily seen from the highway and is called to be an active landmark (milestone) in the enclave. This leaf has a sinuous and harmonic shape, it is rocked by a soft wind, a breeze. But its main characteristic is that at its base it has a door through which we can pass. The door has a powerful symbolism as such and in this case it symbolizes ecology as a gateway to well-being, green energy as a natural outlet, access to ecological awareness, in short, a large number of meanings all in a positive direction in favor of a full, respectful and sustainable life. The sculpture WIND & WATER is represented by the foam of the sea and the movement of the wind, creating a dynamic whirlpool full of energy but at the same time generating a room of peace. The energy of movement is shown frozen in an eternal moment, they are the transparent walls of the common house, nature. The harmony it gives off could be compared to a piece of music, with its rhythms and silences. The vocation of this piece is to be an outdoor living room, which welcomes us all and allows us to perceive the environment in a unique way.