Siteline Apartments Mural - CODAworx

Siteline Apartments Mural

Client: Mainstreet Properties LLC in partnership with NINE dot ARTS

Location: Seattle, WA, United States

Completion date: 2024

Artwork budget: $15,000

Project Team

Director of Marketing and Innovation

Kegham Bedoyan

Mainstreet Property Group LLC

Chief Curator

Molly Casey


Development Manager

Kevin Merriman

Mainstreet Property Group LLC

Studio Associate

Samantha Skeen



Exterior mural at Siteline Apartments near Seattle Center. Dimensions are ~9 high x 75′ wide, exterior latex paint, spray paint, and paint pen. Made in partnership with NINE dot ARTS for Mainstreet Property Group, LLC.

This piece is meant to capture the essence of Seattle, with its iconic skyline, natural beauty, and an ode to Rock n’ Roll history. The mural includes signage near the parking entrance, Jimi Hendrix, Chris Cornell of Soundgarden, and Mike McCready of Pearl Jam are featured, left to right.

If you get up close, you can see PNW Easter Eggs such as hikers, an eagle and an owl, as well as tiny silhouettes of people in the windows.


The artwork is at the parking garage entrance to Siteline apartments and is not only intended to brighten what would otherwise be a concrete alley, but it's also meant to celebrate the vibrancy of Seattle as a city. The project as a whole includes an inspired and thoughtful art program that includes various custom and sourced artwork from different artists. The artwork and this mural in particular gives Siteline a sense of vitality that invigorates its residents and passersby alike. The artwork is designed to be enjoyed from afar as well as invite viewers up close to have a more intimate viewing experience.


This project is a great example of collaborative input and creative dialogue to arrive at a common vision. Nine Dot Arts is the art curator and facilitated conversations between myself, the artist, and, Mainstreet, the client. As the artist, I provided several iterations of design development in response to direction and feedback, and my goal was to create a piece that Mainstreet truly loves.

Additional Information

This project was a joy to create and it was so fun to have the opportunity to blend several different styles, including realism, abstraction, and linework. What I love most is the narrative that weaves it together, which is intended to embody the character of what makes Seattle a special place to live and visit. In the background are illustrations of the mountain ranges that surround Seattle, specifically the North Cascades and Mt. Rainier. The flowers that bloom in the Spring are part of what make Seattle's surrounding neighborhoods such a beautiful place. The red flowers in the foreground are illustrated from Dahlias I photographed on a walk in a local park, and they are meant to evoke the feeling of viewing the Seattle Skyline from nearby Kerry Park. They are also intended to tie in to the flowers on the cover of Weedle the Needle, and iconic book that is featured in Siteline's lobby. The three silhouettes speak to Seattle's important role in rock n' roll music history, and the seahawk above Chris Cornell is a subtle nod to the city's NFL mascot.