Site-Specific Wall Sculpture - CODAworx

Site-Specific Wall Sculpture

Submitted by Mia Kaplan

Client: Northshore Harbor Center

Location: Slidell, LA, United States

Completion date: 2012

Artwork budget: $22,000

Project Team


Mia Kaplan

Mia Kaplan Studio

Art Consultant

Boni Johnson


Site-specific wall sculpture created for the interior of Northshore Harbor Center. This work was hung with cables from ceiling (could be hung directly on wall), and measures 60″ x 168″ x 15″.


Complete artistic freedom was allowed within the dimensional area provided. The intention was to create a focal point in the foyer of the Convention Center.


Frequent studio presentations and sketches were provided to create dialog during the creation of the work. Concerns about installation and dimensional adjustments were made prior to installation. Installation took one day with a team of four people using a cherry picker.

Additional Information

This type of work can be custom-created to suit any environment, indoor or outdoor.