Submitted by Po Shu Wang


Client: Commissioned by the Rotary Club of Baton Rouge as a Centennial gift for the City of Baton Rouge, LA.

Location: Baton Rouge, LA, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $340,000

Project Team

Concept, Design, Part Fabrication

Po Shu Wang

Living Lenses Artist Team

Voice Research and Collection

Jillian Crocker

Programming and Electronics

Soren Lyngso Knudsen


Project Manager

Beau Olinde

Artwork Site Design

Ramon (Sipper) Post

Post Architecture Inc.

Site Host Offering and Permitting

David Rhorer

DDD Office

Structural Foundation

Leo Panian

Tipping Structural Ltd


Mark Baumann

Local Water Science Office

Site Construction and Permits

Army Corps of Engineers

US Army Corps of Engineers


Mike Moran

Turner Industries Group

Site Construction

Kyle Flettrich

Bro Brothers Concrete Works


Frank Brian

SAIA Electrics, Ltd

Wireless Network

Aaron Glazer

Verma System Inc.

Sculpture Assembly, Finish Polish


Architectural Glass & Metal, Inc.


Multi-Media work created for Levee Crown Plaza in Baton Rouge LA. Commissioned by Rotary Club and the City of Baton Rouge.


This artwork a the Mississippi River allows the river to sing to us via water sensors embedded in the river. And in turn, invites us to sing back.


After my final design was approved, I have started to work with Tipping Engineers of Berkeley to spec. out the structural detail for structural welders while I and two other assistants will start the outer skin shape in 3D tailer fashion and hand forging, except for the sphere which is simpler and economical to realize with subcontracted out hydro-pressure. At the same time I have work with Vectra for out software and hardware designs from sensors to output, with software orchestration in between.