Ah HA! Shoreline Stroll - CODAworx

Ah HA! Shoreline Stroll

Submitted by Brailsford Public Art

Client: Long Beach Transit

Location: Long Beach, CA, United States

Completion date: 2012

Artwork budget: $750,000

Project Team


Robin Brailsford

Brailsford Public Art


Wick Alexander

Brailsford Public ARt


Bhavna Mehta

Hansa Arts

Landscape Architect

Steve Lang

MIG Landscape Architecture


Eli Noar



LONG BEACH TRANSIT GALLERY, Long Beach, California. AhHa! Shoreline Stroll, with MIG Landscape Architects, Eli Noar Architecture and Brailsford Public Art collaborators Wick Alexander and Bhavna Mehta, 3000 square feet of LithoMosaic at eight bus transit stops over four contiguous blocks in downtown LB. At the terminus of the Metro Blueline and within walking distance of the Long Beach Aquarium.


Animating transit, people, city, park and ocean. As with all my projects here on the CODAworx page, all the complete projects can be seen on the Facebook LithoMosaics page. Go to FB, then LithoMosaics, then Photos, then Albums, then the named Album you are looking for.


We each took a third as the project timeline was extremely fast, it worked beautifully as the client was as expert as the team. Design latitude was encouraged and shared. A blast!

Additional Information

The process of LthoMosaic is one that I, the artist, Robin Brailsford invented and patented. It's the future of concrete.