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Serenity Mosaic Column

Submitted by Carlos Gonzalez

Client: City of Gastonia

Location: Gastonia, NC, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $42,800

Project Team


Carlos Gonzalez






The Serenity mosaic column incorporates the history of the City of Gastonia by incorporating geometrical designs from the local downtown buildings in the bottom of the structure. This is made from 100% recycled glass made from raw material from the State of North Carolina. Over 200 square feet of mosaic layers the concrete column. The height of the mosaic column is 20 feet with a Diameter of 3 feet. The top hexagons represent a beehive since Gastonia is a “Bee” Sanctuary City. The mosaic is all done by hand with an Indirect technique that has been used for centuries.


We created goals based on what the City required for the Public Art piece. One of them was the color of the glass so they would blend in with the arquitetural design of the Honey Hunters Baseball Stadium in the background. We wanted something that would really represent Gastonia and to have people notice it. We went BIG and created a monument with a mosaic medium that can be seen from far away. Another goal was to use 100% recycled glass for the mosaic. We actually used the recycled glass from Gastonia and figured out how to make smalti glass to make the mosaic. These two goals were very important for the City. We managed to get it done...


From making the smalti glass from recycled glass, creating a design, elaborating the mosaic and finishing the installation this project was a success. NCMOSAICS LLC also made the concrete column from cero. Yes! We used rebars and circle ties and poured concrete from a twenty feet height. We also made the rebar for the footing and managed to do the electrical also for the light that is installed on the top of of the column. Normally a studio just make a mosaic, but we like to do everything so the final product is a successful one.

Additional Information

NCMOSAICS LLC is based in Hillsborough, North Carolina. We create 100% recycled smalti glass for our mosaics and we elaborate any kind of mosaic. From residential, murals, bathrooms, columns, kitchens and Public Art we can make them.