Selfie Bot - CODAworx

Selfie Bot

Submitted by Kelly Fry

Client: Regional Arts and Culture Council (RACC)

Location: Portland, OR, United States

Completion date: 2023

Artwork budget: $4,000

Project Team


Regional Arts and Culture Council



Kelly Fry

K. Fry Draws


Selfie Bot is a captivating 3D art installation. Designed to look like a robot, Selfie Bot invites visitors to sit and have their portraits drawn by the artist residing within. The backstory behind this interstellar being is that they have been sent from the depths of space to document humans on the planet Earth. Selfie Bot is set out in a public park and offered as a free service to anyone who wanders across its path. I bring along a companion who stands outside the structure and will often help direct people, explaining how long each portrait will take, where to sit, and why Selfie Bot has arrived on Earth. I stay inside the bot and in character while drawing each portrait, capturing the unique qualities and expressions of the individual in an abstract style. Visitors are encouraged to relax and enjoy the creative process, connecting with one another during the 5-8 minutes it takes to manifest the drawing. Often these moments of repose bring interesting conversations to those who are waiting in line or between my helper and the sitter.


Selfie Bot will be a unique and engaging activity for the public in the Portland tri-county area. The installation will be set up in ADA accessible parks around the city, providing an inclusive experience for people of all abilities. By inviting visitors to sit beside the robot and have their portraits drawn, Selfie Bot will offer a fun and interactive experience for people of all ages. The act of having a portrait drawn is a personal and meaningful experience, and Selfie Bot will provide an opportunity for people to connect with each other and with the artist.


I am the artist who is behind the Selfie Bot project. I have a passion for exploring the intersection of art and collaboration. My 2D work is known for its colorful pallets and bold designs. In the Selfie Bot project, I bring my artistic vision to life by inviting visitors to participate as the subjects in the Selfie Bot’s mission to capture humanity.
Joe Krcma, a talented builder and maker, joined me in this exciting project. With his expertise in fabrication and design, Joe helped bring my vision to life, ensuring that Selfie Bot is a visually stunning and functional work of art.

Additional Information

The participants for the public engagement of Selfie Bot will be anyone who walks by on the day of the event, the general public at large is welcomed. The project is designed to be inclusive and accessible to all, so anyone who is interested in participating is welcome to join. By inviting the general public to take part in the project, Selfie Bot aims to create a sense of community and bring people together through the power of art.