Second Life ( wind kinetic ) - CODAworx

Second Life ( wind kinetic )

Submitted by Edwin Cheong

Client: Private

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Completion date: 2023

Project Team


Edwin Cheong


Edwin Cheong


A project journey with my private client for his house. The project was ongoing for a couple of years as i journeyed on as an artist and evolve in my kinetic art expression. Our shared love for Calder’s work and friendship blossomed to allow this artwork to evolve. The colors, the movement, the proportion, etc and the kindness of my client. I am very grateful for the friendship and kindness received for this project. My client and friend had express the joy and delight of experiencing the therapeutic poetic movement daily. Do enjoy the kinetic movement in the video attached.


The elevated courtyard is central to the whole house. The owner wants the artwork to be a center piece that ties in all the spaces. To all life to the space , yet to slow down and bring a poetic presences to all dwellers.


The project is a work of exploration between client and myself.