Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital - CODAworx

Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital

Client: Cottage Health

Location: Santa Barbara, CA, United States

Completion date: 2012

Artwork budget: $1,181,000

Project Team

Art Consultant

Pam Nickell

Aesthetics, Inc.


Roger Hill

Aesthetics, Inc.


Lee, Burkhart, Liu, Inc.


Aesthetics, Inc. was hired as the art consultant by Cottage Health to procure artworks for the new Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, focusing on the inspiration, talent, and expertise of Central Coast artists, in full support of the program’s mission, goals and objectives. The arts emphasize the institution’s core values: excellence, integrity and compassion. Evidence-based methodologies underpin the selec­tion of artwork that facilitates the healing process. The arts complement and enhance the interior design, wayfinding and architecture of Cottage Health System facilities. The arts of the region are promoted and celebrates the beauty, history, heritage, and diver­sity of Cottage Health communities.


The new Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital Healing Arts Program celebrates “The Vibrancy of the Central Coast,” visible in an unprecedented collection of works by local artists. The art themes vary by floor: the first floor features Santa Barbara architecture; the second floor highlights water, ocean, beaches and seascapes; and the third floor shows flora, gardens and landscapes.


Through a Call for Art process, more than 400 Cen­tral Coast artists submitted samples of their work and concepts for consideration, and 123 were selected to provide art for the new Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. More than 1,200 pieces of art have been acquired for the systemwide program, which includes the Goleta Valley and Santa Ynez Valley campuses. The wide variety of media selected includes sculpture, two- and three-dimensional original commissioned artworks, mixed-media art, glass, mosaics, fabric, and photography.

The Landmark Collection highlights 45 pieces that were especially commissioned as focal points in the new Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. These distinguishing pieces are located in the lobby, the gardens, on terraces, in elevator landings, waiting rooms and corridor niches. The balance of the pieces form an integral and vital part of the décor in corridors, patient rooms, and conference and consultation areas.