San Angelo Landscape - CODAworx

San Angelo Landscape

Submitted by Mara Lonner

Client: Los Angeles County Arts Commission Civic Art Collection

Location: La Puente, CA, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $37,000

Project Team


Pedro Birba

Birba Group Architects

Industry Resource

Norm Laich

LA Design Sign


Mara Lonner


Project for the Los Angeles County Art Commission for a new community center in San Angelo Park, La Puente, CA. Birba Group Architects, coated steel and paint, 17’ x 43’ x 3/4″.


The design inspirations for this public project were the community and its history, wrought iron elements found in traditional Mexican casitas, the new building itself, and the park’s large shade trees.
These elements included:
• The agricultural history depicts an area with citrus and avocado groves.
• The past landscape was filled with indigenous plants shared by California and Mexico.
• The new building drew from Spanish Colonial wrought iron and architectural influences to create a versatile and beautiful environment.
• The people in the community take pride in the park as a safe and welcoming place for meetings, holiday events, sports and family gatherings.


I worked closely with the architect and community members for the design of this artwork. Fabricators and assistants helped with: the digital files, production, painting and installation of the steel elements; production of pounce patterns and painting of the wall elements.