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Rustic Elegance: Transforming Twisted Track’s Abandoned Canvas

Client: Twisted Track Gallery

Location: Sacramento , CA, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $850,000

Project Team

Artist & Lead Designer

Shane Grammer

Shane Grammer Arts


Matt Brown

Twisted Track Gallery


Collaborating closely with the owner of Twisted Track Gallery in Sacramento, California, we delved into the potential of an abandoned, rusted building adjacent to the gallery. This once-utilitarian structure, a former welding shop, evolved into the canvas for my artistic vision. Conceiving a grayscale woman portrait seamlessly integrating with the rusted textures, I opted for transparent spray paint to preserve the metal’s distinctive character. The completed mural not only heightened the aesthetic allure but also resonated harmoniously with the building’s rich history. The client’s joy served as validation for the project’s success, as the subtle yet exquisite imagery transformed the area into a mesmerizing visual narrative.


The objectives of incorporating commissioned artwork were to enhance the aesthetic appeal and entirely rejuvenate the aging and rusted structure. Positioned as a venue hosting vibrant nightlife and events for musicians and artisans, the goal was to create art that would captivate individuals as they entered the space. The owner sought to infuse the venue with transformative and visually engaging elements, aiming to make a lasting impression on visitors and contribute to the dynamic atmosphere of the venue's nightlife and artistic gatherings.


The collaboration with this client was straightforward, given our longstanding association over the years. With a foundation of trust established through previous work, he provided the canvas and entrusted me to devise a concept capable of transforming an entire section of the building.