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Roxbury Community Art Center

Submitted by Stephen Rowe

Client: City of Beverly Hills, California

Location: Beverly Hills, CA, United States

Completion date: 2014

Project Team


Stephen Rowe

Stephen Rowe Art


Mayor Lili Bosse

City of Beverly Hills


Each year the current Mayor of Beverly Hills has the opportunity to select artwork from the Beverly Hills Art Show to purchase and showcase in a Civic Building The artist has participated in the bi-annual art show since 2007. In 2014, two of his pieces were selected by Mayor Lili Bosse for permanent placement in the newly constructed Roxbury Community Center. The pieces include ‘I Love You Sunshine’, 45″ x 45″ (Acrylic on Wood) and ‘Out of the Silence of Blue’, 55″ x 65″(Acrylic on Canvas).


Though Stephen did not commission this work for this specific project, the artwork was in perfect alignment with the needs of the space. The happy colors complemented by the playful dots added a welcoming touch to the Community Center. The works selected by the Mayor are part of Rowe’s series ‘Abstract Pointillism.’ In this series, Rowe builds raw emotions in layers of expansive primary tones, shielding the intensity with a lattice-work veil of exacting dots that does its best to clothe the bared soul. One can feel the intensity of the highs and lows, experiencing the entire spectrum of humanity and our inherent desire to make order and perfection from the chaos. Hidden written messages hide behind the dots, subliminally persuading us that everything is going to be okay. Every piece is both a self-portrait and an abstraction about life and love. And although there is a sense of imposed calm, each piece tells its own overwhelming, beautiful, sometimes heart-wrenching story.


Upon selection of the artwork, Stephen worked directly with the Mayor to determine the location for placing the pieces. The paintings are showcased in the main entry lounge of the community center and serve to welcome visitors.