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Rose Room

Submitted by Ruth Frances Greenberg

Client: Allan Greenberg Architect

Location: Manhattan, NY, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $61,200

Project Team


Ruth Frances Greenberg



Allan Greenberg

Allan Greenberg Architect


Joe Puccio

Artistic Marble


Handmade ceramic tile, 17′ wide x 8′ tall. This climbing rose garden mosaic was intended and created as an urban garden oasis complete with birds and a tile grass floor for a semi-circle powder room in New York City.


The goal was to create a floor to ceiling lush garden environment that would transport the user of the powder room away to the sensory experience of an English garden.


This was a special project since my client was my father - a brilliant architect with whom I've collaborated with many times. We had a lot of fun brainstorming the concept and when developing the specifics we did a lot of sharing drawings, discussing ideas over the phone and sending glaze swatches back and forth.

Additional Information

The last time I was at a party at this apartment, I over heard a guest come out of the room and said to her friend "I keep going back in there over and over just to sit down on the floor and look around at the mosaic" and another call it the "wonderland" she would choose.