Riverbend - CODAworx



Client: Department of General Services Percent for Art

Location: Washington, DC, VA, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $20,000

Project Team


Gary Coulombe

Project Manager for Construction (Contractor)

Doug Dorner

Capital Construction Services


Riverbend is still in under construction, with an install date of July 2022. This is a 3D wall sculpture made out of wooden river stones, with mirror inlay. This will be installed in Randle Elementary school in Washington, DC.


I proposed a 3D wall sculpture created out of wood with mirror inlay, resembling a riverbed of wooden pebbles and rocks, with reflective sparkles of water. The goal was to invite the viewer into exploring nature. The viewer is further pulled into the artwork, by catching glimpses of their reflection with small circles of inlayed mirror throughout the piece. Wood provides natural beauty, while mirror provides the light, movement and reflection inspired by water.


I'm currently working with a woodworker to fabricate the stones, which I will then paint and inlay with mirror. I'm in the process of having the foundation engineered. The final measurement has been updated to be 9'5" x 6'8"

Additional Information

Expected completion and install date: July 2022.