Ribbon - CODAworx

Client: City of Dublin, CA

Location: Dublin, CA, United States

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $300,000

Project Team

Lead Artist

Gordon Huether

Gordon Huether + Partners, Inc.


Cit of Dublin


The Ribbon was inspired by the core values of the four words featured on it: commitment, honor, integrity, and trust. The symbol of the remembrance ribbon, the universally recognized symbol of honor, seeks to demonstrate the strength and dedication that first responders bring to their community without hesitation. The graceful curvature of the structure, inset with lively, colorful dichroic glass, is integrated seamlessly within the circular plaza, acting as poetic dialogue between the surrounding landscapes and surrounding architecture. The blue and red dichroic glass inset in the stainless steel ribbon is a metaphor for the line separating order from lawlessness. The sculpture is meant to honor the purpose of the police and fire fighters with a synergistic approach and celebrate the cooperation of the two organizations.


The main goals for this installation were to create artwork that instills the concepts of commitment, integrity, honor, and trust. The client also wanted to convey a sense of community, culture, heritage, and history. It was very important that the artwork be relevant to the site, and so by the remembrance ribbon concept, the colors of the police and fire departments, and the key words included, Huether met all goals gracefully and thoughtfully.


This installation included the collaboration of Sebastian Willeke of Germany, a friend of Huether's and skilled fabrictor. Willeke has assisted in the fabrication of several of Huether's past projects and is a valuable member of the Gordon Huether Studio team.