Client: The Domain

Location: Austin, TX, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $595,000

Project Team

Artist, Fabricator

Patrick Renner

Flying Carpet Creative


Kelly O'Brien

Flying Carpet Creative


Philip Koske, PLA, LEED AP

Nudge Design


With a footprint of 35 x 70′ and standing 20′ high, this woven stainless steel form echoes the grouped canopy of a stand of trees, featuring an interior programmable lighting system.


The title of this monumental work derives from the term “rhizome”, a subterranean network of connected plants. Bolstered by its location within the central green space of the outdoor concept mall, RHYZ resembles a group of trees intertwined to provide a shady a respite for visitors to the Domain.


The curvaceous airy canopy is formed from woven stainless-steel which sits atop three massive custom-cast columns. The austere daytime look of the sculpture is counterpointed by a nighttime ‘lantern effect’ created by internal colored lighting via programmable LEDs. RHYZ provides the Domain with a central meeting place where people can congregate, day or night, and enjoy the scene.