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Rhizomatic Plateaus

Submitted by Elisabeth Nickles

Client: The Reinvestment Fund

Location: Philadelphia, PA, United States

Completion date: 2011

Project Team


Elisabeth Nickles


Elisabeth NIckles Sculpture and Design

Elisabeth Nickles Sculpture and Design


The Reinvestment Fund

The Reinvestment Fund


The Reinvestment Fund commissioned this project for their lobby. The piece is 40′ feet long and 8′ high. It spans from the entry lobby into the board room although physically separated by a wall of glass.


It was important to the company to create a piece that represented the growing nature of the company and its involvement with various investments in social, environmentally sound projects and companies.


I worked with the acting Chief Operating Officer of the company and architects in the raw space before it was renovated. I was given information from the architectural firm for the color palette of the space, a description and diagram of the wall and surrounding area.

Additional Information

This project was a wonderful experience. It was a successful collaboration between the company, architects and artist. The piece is loved by those who work there and the space is delightfully enhanced by the color and organic form and movement within the space.