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Restaurant & Bar Lokal Lillies

Submitted by dessecker-design

Client: lter Fischmarkt Assets GmbH & Co. KG

Location: Münster, Germany

Completion date: 2017

Project Team


Norbert Langer

Lilienbeeke GmbH


Bernd Grote

August Kreienbaum GmbH

Interior Designer

Bernhad Dessecker



Redesign of a restaurant and bar in a courtyard with a passage to the second floor to a hairdresser and spa. The former two level restaurant had to be reduced to the ground level space for about 80 persons. A new open kitchen was added, the staircase to the second floor had to remain open, but should be visually separated but leave a view open. Major focus had to be on the lighting. The limited budget and the short construction time made it a challenging project.


The goal was to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, yet during the lunch and dinner hours the light should be bright enough to be able to appreciate the food presentation. After the closure of the kitchen the lighting had to be dimmed to a lounge, bar and club atmosphere. The challenge was to provide these requirements and yet keep a passage to the businesses on the second floor.


From the very beginning of the design process I kept a very close relationship with the clients to find the right mix between the requirements, the budget and the expectations regarding the design qualities and the potential clients. I was responsible for the interior design as well as the furnitures, the bar design, the lighting and the artwork. During the short constructions time (1 ½ months) I was in very close contact with the clients, their site architect, the executing craftsmen and engineers to make this short construction time a smooth one. The restaurant opened on the expected day and is very successful since that day.