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Residential Living Wall

Submitted by Planted Design

Client: Private

Location: Pleasanton, CA, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $100,000

Project Team


Amanda Goldberg

Planted Design


Kate Briggs

Planted Design


The Pleasanton Project is Planted Design’s largest, completed living wall to-date. Measuring 201 feet long and totaling 1,161 square feet, it consists of 4,664 different plants including succulents, ferns and small acacia trees. The project began with detailed light measurements of the vast property to ensure each plant received proper sun, shade and water exposure year-round. Those measurements guided us to plant various ferns along the shaded patio zone of the wall, and use succulents throughout the center zone which we found was exposed to sun for most of each day. It was important for us to touch on all the human senses with the piece, therefore, we deliberately selected plants with alluring aromas. Chamomile & mint were planted on the wall closest to the entrance of the property so the people walking by on the street would be welcomed by a pleasing smell. A restaurant quality grill sits near the wall where we added rosemary so any chef would be compelled to touch and taste by adding to a dish directly from nature. The industrial felt pocket planting system was custom built by our team, as well as seven unique irrigation systems– one for each of the seven zones of this massive living wall.


The Pleasanton Project is Planted Design’s largest living wall to-date. Measuring 1,161 square feet, it is home to over 4,600 plants. Built using careful light measurements and custom felt pockets, the wall engages all human senses and hosts plants with alluring aromas. Chamomile lives at the entrance of the property so people walking by are welcomed by a pleasing smell. Seeing this massive wall in different zones was critical to the project, which features seven unique irrigation systems-- one in each zone.